Why I'm taking a Day for My Mental Health

Hey guys,

I hope you all had a lovely christmas break? I’ve been a bit off the radar having a well-needed social media break which has given me time to reflect on how I want to operate my business going forward. So I’ve set myself resolution that I want to spend less time on social media this year. I’m sure we all know that ‘scroll hole’ that Instagram can send us down all too well!


As part of this new routine I’ve been experimenting with batch preparing content for the month, i.e. social media posts and blog posts, so that I can spend less time online as a result and focus on other things that need doing in my business without feeling overwhelmed (though I’ll still be popping on to reply to messages, as it’s always lovely chatting with you all!).


So this brings me to today’s blog post: I’d planned in advance to write a reflection of last year, outline my plans for this year, and just pencil a few things down (I don’t know about you but I find I’m more motivated if I put things out there, it makes them feel more real!) but in all honesty, I’m just not feeling very ambitious today.


I’ve been so focussed and excited all week about my plans for the business, but this week I just woke up and felt a bit useless. I’ve always struggled with my confidence and anxiety and it does make running a small business difficult sometimes, particularly spending a lot of time alone, but I’ve learnt coping strategies over the years and I find it always helps to just take a step back when I get those feelings that I’m not good enough, and try and be kind to myself.


So I’m not going to do my shiny blog post I had planned, I’m going to take the day for my mental health, and do something fun and crafty this afternoon. That’s my escape whenever I’m feeling anxious and overwhelmed, it always calms me down and occupies my mind elsewhere from the negative thoughts I’m having.


I thought you might like to see my current project I’m making, a clowder of felt cats! I drew them with the intention to make a garland for my room, but I think I might have to make them into a kit now!


I’d love to know what your escape is when it all feels a bit much? What’s your favourite self care activity? Have you tried one of our kits and found it therapeutic? I’d love to hear in the comments. 

And if you’re struggling like me today try and be kind to yourself too, we’re all only human.


Sending you love, Bea x

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