Simple Baby Mobile DIY

Hello! Hope you're all well - I’m super excited to be writing this on our new website and I’m looking forward to sharing lots of sewing tips and DIY on here over the coming months!
I’m starting with something that has been requested quite a lot which is how to thread the animals from our kits onto a mobile once you’ve finished sewing them. It seems lots of you are buying your kits for this reason and they look adorable on a mobile as they’re the perfect size! I first designed our Dinosaur Friends kit as a mobile when my nephew was born and he absolutely loves the bright colours.
I’ve outlined step by step how to make a simple mobile below, let me know if this helps you! I’d love to see your mobiles once they’re finished. Happy crafting!
Bea x
Easy baby mobile DIY
You will need:
- White cotton thread
- Wooden hoop - I’ve used the inner ring from a 7” embroidery hoop
- Needle (the one we include in our kits works fine!)
- Large wooden bead or similar (not essential but I like to use it to cover the knot at the top of the mobile - the hole of the bead needs to be at least 3mm to fit the top threads through)
- Scissors
- 4+ felt animals of choice
1. First thread your animals. Take a long piece of thread (approx 60cm) and thread it through each animal using a needle, so that the thread is going directly through the inside of the animal and coming out at the bottom.
Image shows a threaded needle being pushed through a felt dinosaur from the top downwards  Image shows a threaded needle that has been brought down from the top of a felt dinosaur, threaded all the way through
2. Then bring the needle back up through the animal approx 1cm along, so that you have 2 tails of thread coming out the top of the animal and a loop at the bottom - pull to adjust each tail as necessary so that they are both the same length and then pull tight. Finally secure the thread in place by tying the 2 tails in a knot close to the top of the animal.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 so that all your animals are threaded.
4. Now attach your animals to the hoop. Take an animal and wrap the top of the thread around the hoop a few times, then tie in a knot to secure. Repeat with each animal, spacing them equal distances apart on the hoop. You may like to hold your hoop up as you're doing this to decide the length you want each animal's thread to be, so that they hang at different heights.
3) Now make the hanger for your mobile. Cut 4 equal lengths of thread approx 40cm each and attach each one by folding in half over the hoop and tying in place to secure, positioning 1 at each quarter of the hoop so that they are equal distances apart.
4) Now tie your 4 threads in a knot at the top of the mobile to secure, I find it helpful to hold all 4 together and let the mobile hang for a moment before tying the knot which will allow you to get it level and all the 4 strings equally balanced. If you'd like to create a hanging loop, fold the tail over on itself and tie in another knot to secure. You can thread a bead onto this if you'd like so that the knot is covered, but take care and ensure it is kept out of reach of young children so there isn't choking hazard.
Can't wait to see your finished mobiles! Remember you can share them with me on social media by tagging #beakindmaker

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