Make and Sew Toys: Read our Interview

Pinch me... my little business has been featured in a magazine!
A few months ago I was approached to be interviewed by Make and Sew Toys, a relatively new magazine which is all about soft toy sewing and crafting. (I mean, could you think of a better fit for Bea Kind?!) In the interview I discuss amongst other things my design process, my crafting background, and where I want to take the brand in future.You can read the full interview below, where I've included a scan of the full page. Our Fiona the Flamingo Kit has also been featured in their shopping section for the month, perfect for summer crafting!
Running a small business alone you to tend to spend a lot of time in isolation with your own thoughts, which can sometimes be troublesome! Recently I've been struggling more than usual with self-doubt as I know lots of small businesses are going through a particularly quiet period post lockdown, so to have something like this in my hands feels really validating and I feel inspired to keep going! I'm looking forward to framing my copy of the feature on my wall to look at when those internal voices come creeping back to tell me I'm not good enough.
What do you think of the feature? Make and Sew Toys is a brilliant magazine and there are so many adorable patterns and projects from other soft toy designers inside, I'm looking forward to getting stuck in at the weekend and would definitely recommend it if you're looking for some easy craft ideas.
Bea x

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