How To: Blanket Stitch For Beginners

Over the coming weeks I'm trying to get a bank of stitch tutorials on the website. Eventually I'd love to get some little stitch booklets created to include in all the kits, but I figured this would be a good place to start! I know there will be some who prefer to learn this way (I don't always feel I have the time to watch a whole video!), so I'm hoping this will be helpful as an extra resource to access when you need it.

As it's the one most commonly used in our kits, I thought blanket stitch would be a good one to start with! It's the stitch we use on all the kits to sew around the edges when attaching pieces together, and is really simple when you've picked it up. 

You'll find the full tutorial and photos below, and I've made it into a free download too which you can find here

I'd love to know if theres a stitch you'd like me to do next! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below 🙂 ⬇️

If you'd like a more detailed tutorial remember you can find the video here:

Happy sewing!

Bea x 





1. First of all you want to prepare your thread by tying a knot in one end (I usually do 2 to make sure it's extra secure!) - this will anchor your thread in place on the inside when you start sewing on your felt. Then thread the other end through your needle, making a tail of about 10cm to stop the needle coming unthreaded while you're sewing. 



2. Sandwich the pieces together that you want to sew, lining up the edges you want to blanket stitch (the stitch will be done along the edge). It will help to pin them together to hold in place while you're sewing. 



3. You're now going to start sewing. Bring your needle up from the underside of your top felt piece, and pull until all the thread is through and the knot is secured in place. The place you do this will determine the length of your stitches - so if you would like longer stitches, bring it up further in, or closer to the edge for shorter stitches. The knot should be on the inside, sandwiched between the pieces you're sewing. 


4. Now begin your first stitch, this one will be done slightly differently as it is your starting stitch. Take the needle up over the edge of both layers, and through the same point you brought it through in step 3. Don't pull the needle tight yet, we will do that in the next step! 


5. Pull your thread tight enough so there is a small loop. Then thread the needle through this loop, as shown in the picture. Now you can gently pull it tight to secure. This is your starting stitch! 


6. To make your next stitch, bring your needle up again from the bottom layer, through to the top, about 5mm from your starting stitch. For an extra neat finish try and do it the same distance in from the edge as your starting stitch which will make your stitches the same length. 

The same as in step 5, again pull the thread through just enough to create a loop, and thread the needle through this before you gently pull the thread tight. 


7. That's it! To keep blanket stitching just keep repeating step 6, keeping your stitches evenly spaced. To finish the thread, sew over the same stitch a few times and then secure with a knot on the inside of your felt. 

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